ATC Groups technology based on our Managing Director’s experience in production of pneumatic equipment back to Year 1993 in Taiwan, until now about 18 year of machining and quality control production record.

On top of those self-developed technology, ATC have been well trained from our major clients from Japan, U.S.A., Taiwan, and Korea on their everlasting pursue on quality control and costing saving. We have our ISO9000 certified since December 2007, also ISO14000 and OHSAS18000 since December 2010 to provide our service with better quality together with adequate environmental control and safety working surrounding for our precious employees.

Through years of experiences in our production, ATC has developed our own philosophy of how to make things done perfectly in our routine operations : 4M&5Y, 7S, and All-S.

4M & 5Y Material, Manpower, Method, and Machines : All  the breakdown in the quality   system  to be classified into these 4 groups. ATC analyze the problem with 5 whys to identified  the root cause then change Working Instruction and other related document for further  development.

All-S Use SPC media to apply on the all collected data such as KPI, NCP, production data,
training  record to prove the effectiveness of existing system. Re-evaluate the result time to time for  proving the effectiveness on the system being applied.

7S  ATC commit to maintain the 7S (5S add Security and Satisfaction) requirement to ensure the working environment is well managed and properly designed at all times.

Sorting (Seiri)
Straightening (Seiton)
Systematic cleaning (Seiso)
Standardizing (Seiketsu)
Sustaining (Shitsuke)

In order to ensure the standard being controlled, ATC understand the importance of Testing and Measurement Equipment. All equipments are well maintained and sufficient for testing purpose. Reliability test would be done for major customers on their keenness towards quality.

CNC 30 Machine
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Brother TC-22A Akira A-500T Citizen A20 VII
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Femco HL-25 Chiah Chyun C-428T Diamond 20CSB
cnc1 cnc1 cnc1
Chiah Chyun CB-32M Jinn Fa Smart-42T Jinn Fa JCL-42T8
cnc1 cnc1 cnc1  
Chiah Chyun CS-32T Chiah Chyun C-4212T Chiah Chyun NCY-32M
Auto Lathe 74 Machine
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Chiah Chyun C-1525A Chiah Chyun C-2025A Chiah Chyun C-4225B
Measuring Tools
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Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-500 Mitutoyo Contracer CV-3200 Mitutoyo Roundtest RA-1600
FOIC JVL250    
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