ATC Groups fisrt ventured into the pneumatic equipment market in 1998 and trading as Airtac Enterprise Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. We have more than a decade of experience in such category. Looking back, we have since then established several branches throughout Malaysia to cater to our customers needs locally via a nationwide network. On March 01, 2001, we company has created another milestone by expanding its wings to Thailand where Airtac Enterprise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. was incorporated. By year 2005, the company had once again expanded its network to Phlippines ans Singapore, effectively making a mark in the South East Asia region.

In year 2004, ATC had established the first pioneer of manufacturing plant for pneumatic equipment in South East Asia region. Through years of operation, we have developed many series of cylinders, valves, fittings and other pneumatic equipment providing faster delivery in the region. At the same time, ATC has been enhancing our system to match world standard such as ISO9001:2008 in quality control, ISO14001 for environment reservation and OHSAS18001 on providing safe working environment for our employees.

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