In ATC groups, our vision is to ensure our customers would be getting the Reliable Quality, On-Time Delivery, Reasonable Costing, together with Practical Innovation products and services, both Industrial Equipment and Mass Production lines and thereby eventually maximize the welfare for all relevant stakeholders including our End-Consumers, Share Holders, Employees, and The Society including the Environment. Therefore it derives our QSCI policy and our Slogan of :

ATC The Best Industrial Equipment

Quality ATC commit to keep on enhancing the reliability value in our products so our clients should be able to rely on the products we are providing to them on fulfilling their commitment to their clients.

Service ATC commit to maintain on time delivery and best communication in our services so our
clients would find their support whenever they need our service. And thereby our customers may deliver to their clients in the necessary time frame.

Costing  ATC commit to be continuously enhancing our efficiency without sacrificing quality
standards to offer best products with the best costs to enhance our clients’ competition
power and eventually benefiting all consumers in the market.

Innovation ATC commit to put in remarkable resources to persistently pursue latest technology in order to enhance our quality, delivery, efficiency standards together with providing more
products for various application requirements for our clients so they may easily obtain our service so their customers will also enjoy the precious result coming from the cooperation.

For our precious environment, ATC groups commit to our “PURE Policy”:
Power ATC commit to study and develop ways to reduce energy consumption in every process
of our production to ensure we reach the optimum status on energy application either highest efficiency at all times.

Utility  ATC commit to minimize the material and other utilities applying on our products together
with minimizing the waste materials derives from our productions. Also, ATC strictly
classifying all kind of production wastes to ensure all waste materials to be recycled, not to become the burdens of the environment.

ROHS ATC commit to strictly control all hazardous substances and chemicals being applied in
the process even guide our suppliers and employees with training to let them understand
the importance effect of the hazardous waste to the environment so we may work together to reserve our precious environment.

Enforcement ATC commit to enforce our own system to meet latest safety regulations and requirements according to labor law to affirm the welfare of our employees to be ensured

For our valuable team member, ATC groups commit to our “4E Policy”:
Education ATC commit to train all our employees with safety Working Instructions to ensure safety
is our first priority in our productions.

Equipment ATC commit to provide necessary and approved safety equipment to guarantee the
safety of our employees.

Environment ATC commit to offer adequate safe environment for all our staff to ensure and health
and safety for our employees.

Enforcement ATC commit to enforce our own system to meet latest safety regulations and
requirements  according to labor law to affirm the welfare of our employees to be ensured.
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